Welcome to my top secret survey.
This survey will determine whether or not I can conquer the world.
Or it might just be to see what you guys want to see on my blog.
The first one sounds better.
What content do you want to see? *

On a scale of one cloud to five clouds, how much do you enjoy my blog?

Considering that I actually start posting.

Do you like my new blog name and design?

I am not hoping you guys will say yes or anything. Pfft no.

Do you have any suggestions or tips for my blog?

Do you have any questions?

Do you appreciate sarcasm and bad jokes?

This is a very important question, trust me.

Leave your blog link and I will check you out!

I will probably comment something awkward, like maybe a pick up line. You know, since I'm checking you out. Wow. I just laughed at my own joke. Every bone in my body is a funny bone. Get it?
Okay I am leaving now.
Did you enjoy my survey?

Thank you for filling out my survey!
It helps me immensely.
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